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Straight guys tricked - Fraser first appearance

As far as we're concerned, the more masculine the better when we get straight guys tricked, and Fraser is as macho and hetero as they come. This handsome footballer has a hairy, well-built, body which must get a lot of admiring looks in the locker room.

Now it's your chance to check out this hot hairy straight dude in our locker room as we get this highly sexed stud to go through his (or should that be 'our'?) paces. All the way from his dreamy eyes, cute smile, down his hot and hairy body to his fine fat uncut cock and firm muscled butt, you get to see everything that this handsome stud has to offer. He'll have you drooling as he lifts his legs, pulls his butt-cheeks apart and shows off his tight straight-boy hole, then watch him drool as this straight guys tricked into jerking out a thick, sticky cum-load. Check out Fraser's first appearance, here. It won't be the last; we need to see that straight-boy fuck-hole put to good use - stay tuned!

This big beefy football players a straight guys tricked dream

Well, we don't have the famous quarterback, but here at Straight Guys Tricked we do have our very own Peyton and he's a seriously straight, very tall, beefy, muscular, young football player who loves to fuck girls like a bucking bronco.

Peyton's here to do some pussy porn - so he thinks! Our bait boy is new - a horny 19 year-old with boyish looks, a ripped body, a long fat cock and the hots for big straight men.

When Peyton enters the room, it's exactly what you'd get to see in the football team's locker room with a towel barely wrapped around his waist. The guys are told that the girl didn't show and it they want to make some cash they would have to do something with each other. Peyton wasn't at all happy about this and certainly wasn't interested, but with his girlfriend waiting in the car probably already spending the money he was supposed to earn, he had little option - but she was never to find out!

Peyton was clueless as to having sex with a guy so Chase had to take matters in hand, which he does literally by stroking the big muscled hunk's cock. Peyton responds quickly, his rock-hard cock jutting out from his massive athletic thighs. Chase drops to his knees and goes down on Peyton's throbbing boner. Peyton takes it like a pro, pushing Chase's head down deep. From this point on, we had no problem in persuading Peyton to get a rubber and fuck Chase's bubble butt.

Chase gets the fucking of his life from this bronco-busting football player and finally shoots his load all over himself as he moans in ecstasy. Peyton rips the condom off and jacks a big cumdump all over the already dripping Chase - another straight guys tricked, job done! Check out this hot hetero football player going gay at the link! When asked about what he'll tell his girlfriend, Peyton replied that it never happened - oh, but it did and it's all waiting here for you to see!!