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Straight Guys Tricked Blog features hot hetero dudes duped into doing dirty deeds with gay guys!

Straight guys tricked - Kris

New on Straight Guys Tricked is kick-boxer, Kris. He wants to be a porn star and certainly has the best assets for the job. This ambitious straight dude is muscular all over; he has a broad, hairy chest, a fit large muscled butt, huge thighs and a fat hard cock with a big shiny bell-end!

One things for sure, this guy knows how to take orders. He willingly strips down, shows his most intimate parts to the camera, and works his fat-knobbed cock to a blasting orgasm as this straight guys tricked into doing gay action for the boys! Get intimate with Kris here. This straight guy is a bottom - but, sorry, only an exhibitionist bottom!

Straight guys tricked with flattery

Know what's the best way to get straight guys tricked? Flattery!! Especially when your trying it on with a 19-year old straight boy who's none too fast on the take up - flattery will get you into his pants, guaranteed!

Take our new studio hand; Jimmy has been working here for a couple of weeks, setting up scenery and props. He's a really nice lad; young, cute and built, and it's always nice to have eye candy like Jimmy around. Now, you know we like to get straight guys tricked and as we had this hot looking young straight lad in the studio, we couldn't resist adding him to our list of conquests!

Under the guise of checking the floor equipment, we asked him to be a test subject. As he stands there while we pretend to set the lighting and camera focus, we casually asked whether anyone had told him how good looking he was. As he shyly grinned and said 'no', we threw in some more compliments: movie star looks, model potential, etc! Then for the sting: 'have you ever thought about doing porn?' Although Jimmy is never in the studio when we're filming, he knows what we produce and he wasn't interested in the least - well, not until we had a bit of a chat and waved a grand in his direction to fuck around with Max - who just happened to be waiting in the wings, freshly showered!

so we get this cute straight teenager stripped down and, boy, is he hot. He's hairy in all the right places, with tight abs, firm muscled ass and nice dick. Before you can blink, Max is on his knees and sucking that dick. Just take a look at Jimmy's face; guy or not, he's really enjoying that. Then it's Jimmy's turn to suck cock - and he's really backing down now, ecstasy turning to revulsion. But money talks and Jimmy reluctantly gets down to sucking his first dick!

Once we got Jimmy sucking another guy's cock, we knew that he was going to have no problems fucking ass. Jimmy was really horny by now, just see how rock-hard his dick gets as Max bends over the couch offering up his hole. Jimmy rammed Max from behind and hammered his some more, sitting back in the chair, as Max rode up and down his ramrod like a rodeo cowboy!!

The scene ends with both guys jacking out their loads. Jimmy lets fly his huge sticky wad all over Max's face; Max, remembering it's Jimmy's first time, dumps his creamy jizz all over the straight guys tricked chest and tight abs! Check out our horny hetero studio assistant, here. Just remember this next time you're lusting after some cute straight boy - flattery just might get you everywhere!!