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Ari was up for doing some straight porn - he loves money, sex and women so why not? This handsome straight guy just exudes sex, he's tall, dark and has a killer body and a big fat cock - perfect to add to our list of straight guys tricked.

After breaking the bad news that the girl was a no-show, the idea of some guy-on-guy sex was suggested and, what a surprise... he said that he's fooled around with a guy way back and was still curious, so when he saw Ari, a cute Puerto Rican who's tall and smooth with a long and thick cock, he was keen to go further. It wasn't long before these two studs were sucking and jacking each other off. Check out this this amazing duo plus loads more straight guys tricked here, here. I wonder if Ari's still just curious or will he be back for more?!

Teenage straight guys tricked

If you like your straight guys tricked young, you're looking at the right video. This is about two teenagers straight out of high school. Luke is our 18 year-old bait with a fit compact body from playing football in school and Brad it the straight boy. Looking at his muscular hairy body it's hard to realize that Brad is only 19 years-old.

Brad is introduced to Luke and the guys are told to strip down and get hard as the day's pussy is fetched - but, of course, she's a no-show and the boys are told that their only other opportunity to make some cash is to do something with each other. Brad is having nothing to do with that - he's up and ready to walk. He needed a lot of persuading (and cash) to eventually agree to give it a try with the proviso that if he doesn't like it, he out - and he really means it!

The shoot begins slowly with Luke giving Brad a hand-job, Luke tries to get Brad to do the same to him but Brad will not touch another guy's dick. Next Luke goes down on Brad's cock which, as evident by his throbbing hard-on, this straight boy seems to like. But, when it's Brad's turn to go down, there's now way he's going to take a dick in his mouth.

The boys are told to stand and face each other - the story is to see who's cock is the biggest, but the real reason is to give Luke the chance to do some kissing, which he does - you'll be amazed to see Brad give in and he almost appears to get into it. Now it's time for some fucking - it took a while to convince Brad that an ass is an ass, male of female, but eventually he was in.

Pointing his throbbing cock towards the vicinity of Luke's fuck-hole, Brad looks a little lost and despairingly says 'help me out, bro'. So, Luke quickly sets Brad's fat eight inch cock exactly where he wants it and Brad sets to fucking him just like he fucks his girlfriend. The scene ends with both boys on the couch jacking off, Brad leaning his head against Luke's thigh as they both shoot hot creamy loads - which is exactly what you'll be doing as this straight guys tricked into fucking Brad's willing hole with his eight inch cock, check it out here! So, next time you get a straight boy saying 'help me out, bro', you know just what to do!