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Straight Guys Tricked Blog features hot hetero dudes duped into doing dirty deeds with gay guys!

Straight guy's tricked into gay sex

The great things about getting straight guys tricked is their 'straightness' - they look like regular dudes; masculine, handsome and with the right amount of muscle and body hair. Aiden, a bi-wrestling coach has had his eyes on one of his team, Ryan. Ryan is a cute hunk, with deep blue eyes, luscious lips and a six pack of abs leading down to his perfect 7.5 inch cock. Ryan says that he's not into gay stuff ("I've glanced at dudes in the shower, but that's as far as that went"), but would be comfortable having a threesome with his coach and a girl.

Stripped off and ready to go, Ryan's given the bad news that the girl isn't going to show. The only way they're going to earn a buck is to do some guy-guy stuff for double the money - and yes, they convinced him that if he does it for money it's just a job!

The action is steamy and hot as they go from mutual hand jobs, to flip-flop blow jobs and then onto the final fuck. This is one of the hottest fuck scenes! Coach Aiden gets on top of Ryan's hard bubble butt and pounds him like a jack hammer until he blows his load. This is soon followed by Ryan's load - and then by Aiden's second load!

Aiden was so turned on by Ryan that he had to cum a second time. How may cums will you get as you see how this manly straight guys tricked into wanking, sucking and getting fucked here. Ryan enjoyed learning some new moves from his coach - not wrestling moves, man-sex moves!!


Jeremy Fox is a total ladies man. He's tall, dark, and handsome with a super fat cock and a nice tight body. This guy loves pussy and when he found out there wasn't going to be any he started to freak out; yes, you guessed it - another straight guys tricked!

Jeremy was horny and needed to get paid so we put this straight stud to the ultimate test. Would he be willing to do a show for the camera with another guy? Surprise, kain Warn just happened to be available and ready, he is one sexy guy with a really fit body and a hot big cock! Once this straight guys tricked we had him getting sucked, sucking cock, and even jacking Kain off. He wasn't so happy when Kain busted a nut all over his hand. One things for sure, he won't be messing around with guys again anytime soon and he made that very clear! Shame!!