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Straight Guys Tricked Blog features hot hetero dudes duped into doing dirty deeds with gay guys!

Straight guys tricked double penetration

The straight guys tricked bait guy, Travis Irons, met Johnny Glyserin at the gym and wanted to bring him in to see if he could get to have sex with this hot hetero. Could we refuse - Johnny is a handsome big guy, tall and hairy, and has a big fat uncut cock.

Once we got Johnny in the mood watching some straight porn, we deliver the bad news that the girls not going to show. At first he was going to run out of the room but with the help of Travis, and some cold hard cash, he changed his mind.

Travis wasted not time grabbing hold of Johnny's uncut cock and soon had him rock-hard. After getting Johnny to stroke his cock too, Travis went down on Johnny's uncut throbber like a python devouring it's prey!

Travis manages to persuade Johnny to kiss him and then, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, he gets Johnny to suck his cock! Initially not keen, Johnny is soon eager to please and does a hot job sucking Travis's thick rock-hard meat. Johnny was really getting into what he was doing and Travis had no problem persuading him to sport a condom and fuck him doggy-style! Just as Johnny was getting into his rhythm, a former straight guys tricked conquest, Joe Parker, entered the room - the look on Johnny's face as he caught fucking another guy is priceless! Since his first gay experience, Joe is keen on experimenting and some extra cash convinced Travis (well, he needed no persuasion at all!) and Johnny to let Joe join in on the action. Joe wasted no time and soon had his nine inch dick buried deep into Travis's throat as Johnny continued to fuck his ass.

Travis then surprised the hell out of everyone when he said that he's fantasized about having two guys in his ass at the same time. This is a total first on this site, never having shown a DP before; Travis soon had both dicks up his ass and he was in ecstasy! He loved it so much that he shot a huge load all over his stomach before telling Joe and Johnny to cum on his face! They both shoot huge creamy wads all over his face as Travis licks his lips!! If we've got you licking your lips at the thought of two straight guys tricked double fucking Travis's bubble butt, wipe the drool off your chin and click the link! You'll be having to wipe off some other drool after seeing this explosively hot DP shoot!

Straight guys tricked into gay sex

Bailey has gone on to make loads of male/male porn videos, but you're going to love seeing this straight guys tricked initial audition as we record his first ever fuck.

As Bailey experiences his first ever sexual connection with another guy, he freezes up - apart from shaking everywhere with nerves! He experiences a plethora of new sensations as he gets his fat uncut cock sucked, and bends over to get reamed for the first time. His sweet virginal straight-boy hole then gets gently opened by a dildo until it's stretched and ready for the real thing - a big throbbing cock. Inch by inch, he slowly relaxes his tight hole until he takes the full length and he's comfortable enough to get fucked for the first time! Sore and exhausted, with his furry butt covered in cum, this straight guys tricked for sure! Check it out. This is Bailey's premiere - what an 'opening'!