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Country straight guys tricked

It's a clash of country boys today on Straight Guys Tricked, and we know you guys just love those cowboys. Representing Oklahoma is 19 year-old Mark - a green-eyed, curly-haired, bi-boy with a hot compact body. From the north of Florida meet Asher - a 21 year-old green-eyed, dark-blond, hottie. A recent motorcycle accident last month has left Asher a little beat up but it just adds to his sexy straight country boy image.

Now, here's the set up: Mark is bi-sexual with a girlfriend who has no idea that he likes sucking dick and, more significantly, likes a fat dick up his cute bubble butt. Asher also is in a relationship with a girl and he's traveled all the way down south of Florida to get into porn. He's been told he'd be double-dicking a hot big-boobed blonde and he's all horned-up and ready to go, unaware that the axe is about to drop!

Both our country boys are sitting together on a couch jacking their cocks to some pussy porn when our director returns on set without the girl, telling the guys that she can't make it and a replacement isn't available, but he's willing to make the guys a great deal: double the money if they'll have sex with each other. Of course Mark, the bait, was ready and willing, but Asher need some persuasion - but not much!

The guys start with a mutual hand-job, then swap blowjobs. Following this, a little frottage mixed in with some sensual kissing before Mark gets rewarded with Asher's big thick cock in his tight butthole. Mark goes for a standing doggy-style fuck and gets into position with Asher lined up behind him and has the entire eight inches of prime country beef up his fuck-hole in seconds. After getting rammed doggy-style, Mark gets on his back so Asher can continue to hammer his ass until he shoots a big creamy load all over his belly. Asher rolls onto his back and jacks out a big spurting cumload which hits his face, a few drops landing in his mouth! Check out these hot country boys as another straight guys tricked into fucking gay ass, here. We love those cowboys; 100% prime beef and 100% straight - almost!

Straight guys tricked - Eddie

We like to get dumb straight guys tricked and this quintessential jock, with his husky voice and trim muscular body is as thick as a doornail! Having already modeled in sports adverts, Edward now wants to branch out into porn and demonstrate his sexual skills. He has a pert hard butt and big muscular thighs from all his football training, and just look at that cock, big and thick with a long floppy foreskin! Thinking he was casting for hetero porn, he didn't think to query why we needed some good close-ups of his straight boy hole - and we're glad about that, it is totally edible! As is the cumload dripping down his legs as this straight guys tricked into jacking out a load for us men! All here at the link. He's definitely got a future in the porn industry.